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SailBot Sport


SailBot Sport is our latest self contained sailboat race starting horn system! The exact same system as our SailBot Classic in a compact, weather-resistant enclosure that houses the electronics, battery and horn system.

To control it you will need a mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android phone or Android tablet (sold separately) and will need to install our free SailBot app from the App Store or Google Play.

SailBot Sport and SailBot Classic are quite simply the most flexible and advanced sailboat race starting system available. Bluetooth Low Energy connected, mobile device controlled, ready when you are.

Curious how this works? Download the free app now and see for yourself how simple it is to to have automated, perfect start sequences.

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Download our manual here

SailBot Sport is a self contained starting horn used in combination with our free Android and iOS app (available from the Android and iOS App Stores). The SailBot Sport starter contains a battery, horn, and Bluetooth electronics in a durable, compact and weather-resistant enclosure. The phone connects to the SailBot Sport by long-range Bluetooth Low Energy and controls the horns.

Key Features of SailBot Sport, an Automated Sailboat Race Starting Horn

  • 135db so it can be heard by everyone on your line (within reason)
  • Self contained – battery, electronics and air horn pump are built-in
  • Over 100 starts on a single charge
  • Long-Range Bluetooth Low Energy for simple, reliable connectivity (no passcode required)
  • Charger/Battery Maintainer included – North American units ship with 110 volt wall-wart. International units ship with universal voltage battery maintainer and appropriate country plug. Both simply plug into the jack on SailBot Sport
  • Dual chrome air horns for rich, full sound
  • Durable and stylish
  • Rain and splash resistant
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • App is pre-programmed with many common starting sequences
  • App allows editing of sequences and creating your own custom sequences
  • Manual horn button on unit for those who don’t want automation

Pre-programmed Start Sequences Included in the mobile app

  • 1 Minute Dinghy
  • 2 Minute Dinghy
  • 3 Minute Dinghy
  • 3 Minute Rule 26
  • 5 Minute Rule 26
  • 10 Minute Match
  • All sequences can be single or rolling, with number of rolling starts set by user
  • Preparatory signals can be set on or off

Create Your Own Sequences

In addition to the pre-programmed sequences, SailBot is the only sailboat race starting solution that allows users to create and edit their own custom starting sequences! Using an app to control the horn unit allows future upgrades to be easily distributed to all users by way of an app update. We are currently working on groundbreaking features that are only possible with our system.

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions9.25 × 7.5 × 6.5 in
Pre-programmed Start Sequences

1 Minute Dinghy, 2 Minute Dinghy, 3 Minute Dinghy, 3 Minute Rule 26, 5 Minute Rule 26, 10 Minute Match, All sequences can be single or rolling, with number of rolling starts set by user.

User Defined Start Sequences

SailBot Starter is the only sailboat race starting solution that allows users to program their own custom starting sequence! If your team or club has their own way of doing things, download the app now and give it a try for yourself.


North American, Australia, European Union, Israel, Japan, Korea, South Africa, United Kingdom


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