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How to Manually Fire the Horn

Ever wonder how you can sound the horn manually from within the SailBot app? David shows how in this video.

How to Create a Custom Sequence

SailBot is truly unique in its ability to create custom start sequences. While not difficult, it may not be intuitive. Follow along as David shows how in this video.

How to Share a Custom Sequence

Don’t get stuck in the committee boat every week! Share your custom sequence with others and let them take a turn once in a while.

How to Create a Multi-Start Sequence

When you have multiple fleets starting consecutively and each has its own timing, this is how to do it. In a nutshell, create one custom sequence that is the length of all of the fleet sequences combined. So if you have 3 fleets, each has a 3 minute start, your custom sequence will be 9 minutes.